Biometric Card Payment
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  • How much does the security documents cost?

The price depends on how many security features are applied to the document. The size of the document also affects its price. For an accurate quotation send an email through our ‘contact us’ window stating the intended use of the document.


  • Is it available on the open market?

No it is not. Most of the security features applied to the documents is patented.


  • Do I get any guarantees for using your product?

We guarantee that for any forged document discovered, we will refund the entire fee paid. We are that confident.


  • How do I order your products?

Send an email through our ‘contact us’ window stating the intended use of the document


  • Do I get to see a demonstration of the security features of your product?

You can book an appointment by sending an email through our ‘contact us’ window. A member of our technical team would be dispatched to demonstrate our product.


  • How long does it take for delivery of product?

After the final design have been approved by you, it takes only 3 weeks


  • How do I start if I am interested in the Biometric card?

Send an email through our ‘contact us’ window


  • Explain DAAMS?

It’s an acronym for Data Acquisition Assessment and Management System. It’s a proprietary platform where bio-metric data, financial information etc is digitally uploaded to the server. It can only be updated by authorized personnel only.

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