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Security Documents


Our contribution towards fighting document fraud begins with the paper itself. The Safeimage TM    true watermark paper is not available on the open market and embedded on it are proprietary security features. The complexity and / or combination of security features deployed on the document depend on its intended application.


Safeimage TM

A group of document security features that distinguishes our products from any other that are available in the market.


  • Safeimage TMtrue watermark paper

Starts with substrate protection that includes non-generic watermarked images with the words “SAFE and VERIFY FIRST”.


  • Safeimage™ security paper

Embedded in the security paper are visible red and invisible blue fibers (seen with uv light).


  • Safeimage™ security paper covert protection


  • Chemical alteration protection

Any attempt to alter characters printed on the paper using bleach, acid, base, high/low polarity activates a noticeable color change.


  • Tonerfuse™

This security feature provides scrap off / lift off alteration protection. It uses toner or ink fusion protection technology to thwart any attempt to alter characters printed on the paper using those techniques.


TamperSafe 4D

4-dimension optical variable security hologram which is part of the overt protection associated with using our security documents. It has 3 standard images:   lock / key / word safe and a custom fourth word (company logo, initials, monogram etc).

This unique feature can be seen on the document when tipped to light.

VTF Patent - Tampersafe®   Patent 5,772,248



This unique feature offers both overt and covert document protection. The seal validates the authenticity of the document on thermochromic verification. That is, when the seal is rubbed briskly or breathed upon, the word “VALID” appears.

VFT Patent - TouchSafe® Patent 5,636,874



Chrome numbering system enhanced by Anti-copy technology which provides overt document protection. Can be verified by ‘tipping to light’ to reveal numbers. Cannot be scanned or color copied because images resulting thereof appear black and the numbers illegible to decipher.  

VFT Patent - MetallicSafe®Patent 5,636,874



A thermochromic “temperature changing” security ink is printed to include a hidden message (company logo, company name etc) which is activated by touching, rubbing or breathing on.

VFT Patent - ThermoHide™ Patent 5,873,604



This Anti-copy security feature has encrypted micro structures that are blended into a security background which produces a robust “pop-up” warning message when copied or scanned.

Inspect background with a magnifier to verify encrypted algorithm.



This overt protection feature ensures that logos and/or signatures are halftone printed in thermochromic ink making them difficult to copy and easy to verify by touching, rubbing or breathing on.

VFT Patent - NoDupIt® Patent 5,873,604

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